Food industry

Engaged in a quality approach to consumers and compliance with increasingly complex regulations, the agri-food industry is confronted with numerous issues related to Biosafety:

- Alteration of food

- Presence of germs

- Transmission of infections from personnel

- Cross-contamination

Conscious that the quality of a food depends to a large extent on compliance with hygiene procedures at its place of production and / or processing, NETUX Côte d'Ivoire ensures the hygiene and cleanliness of the premises and materials with adapted products To each food chain and to each process.

Our knowledge in the field of biosafety also allows us to establish personal hygiene procedures. Implementation of hygiene plans, cleaning protocols, cost control, training of your teams in the methods ... Our dedicated specialists will accompany you on the ground to improve the quality of your food products and allow you to implement the principles HACCP to identify risks and critical points to be monitored.