Warehouse and factory cleaning

Are you a professional and you need to carry out industrial cleaning operations in Cote d'Ivoire? Industrial cleaning of your warehouse or large area must be carried out by a specialist with the appropriate equipment and training. NETUX Côte d'Ivoire is a small company with a presence on the Ivorian territory, ready to help you with all your operations.

Factory cleaning: requirements to be met
The cleaning of a factory, a warehouse or a large area requires a suitable service. Indeed, in view of the extent of such areas, it is necessary to deploy sufficient human and material resources. You have to know that you can not clean up a warehouse like any other office.
As an example, NETUX Côte d'Ivoire uses complex machines that can cope with the most hostile surfaces: THV mono-brushes and thermoplastic cleaning tools offer convincing results, but the use of such equipment requires appropriate training. If such demands frighten you, do not be afraid, NETUX Côte d'Ivoire master all the subtleties of the trade and can carry out the most complex industrial cleaning operations.
Specific multi-step operations
NETUX Côte d'Ivoire, which operates in all types of industrial cleaning operations in Côte d'Ivoire, is capable of carrying out very specific actions:
• Cleaning of ducts, tubes and ventilation pipes.
• Window cleaning, shutters.
• Cleaning oil residue and grease stains.
It is obvious that warehouse cleaning is very special. The latter can not be carried out without a minimum of experience, rigor and specific intervention conditions. What's more, cleaning a plant varies depending on your business activity and the nature of your inventory. Deployed personnel must be able to meet all cleaning standards. As a result, premises containing medical equipment will not be cleaned as would be done in an environment containing food.
Warehouse cleaning, called risk calculation
Because cleaning operations in factories are particularly dangerous, it is essential that you require a competent industrial cleaning company. Cleaning a particularly high machine, glass or façade is not without risk. NETUX Côte d'Ivoire to HACCP method and work tool and will offer you optimal results under all circumstances.